Jesus! believe in Jesus!


Want Christian learning or bible study?


    We want many to stop doubting about Jesus and discover


      to believe in Jesus by Christian learning and bible study!


          Do Not enter this Website: unless you plan to


              read every page slowly and carefully in order.


Christian learning starts with us knowing what is the Bible’s basic message?


   God Loves you and wants to be in an endless lifelong friendship with you!


  What is true love for another person? The only genuine love is born of God!



Located in West “by God” Virginia, United States of America.


Why called “by God”?


There is much breathtaking Natural Beauty

for your eyes to gaze upon throughout the State.

“Our Mission Statement”

To promote the social welfare of a community.

(That is to promote in a contemplative way the common good  and general welfare of the people in their community).